Are you…… human?

June 20, 2013 in Best Practices, HD News by HorseDoppler

We received a call from a customer today that had issues logging into our new site, among other navigation issues while using Safari browser. There were multiple login failures and at one point our system asked him “Are you human” and denied his access. This customer was concerned that we were insulting his intelligence, as well speaking in a condescending manner. We apologize for the misunderstanding; it wasn’t an attempt to insult anyone but merely an attempt to point out and display that our system has detected the activity coming from his connection was indicative of being a robot, bot, spammer, and/or a malicious automated attacker. In today’s internet age, with public facing websites we are under constant attack by these automated systems trying to hack their way in. Each day these bots are constantly trying to login by predictive username and password guessing. There are also attempts to attack our automated scripts and web coding where hackers try to find vulnerabilities in our system, and inject their malicious code/software. Between June 1st and June 20th we have thwarted off 6,765 attempted attacks… For the most part these attempts are as simple as a bot inputting what ends up being an invalid username and password. There has been more elaborate attempts as well.

These types of attempted attacks are a constant problem for every website out there… Since this is such a wide range problem, it requires wide range security measures. We currently work with 4 different security vendors to ensure ultimate security and are always working to proactively to keep our site secure. With the rollout of our new site, we have implemented a very robust, multi-tiered security system that prevents these type of organic attacks, and proactively shuts down the attempts of these robots and attackers… Unfortunately from time-to-time this can mean a legitimate customer could accidentally be detected as a “bad person”, thus, our system denying access or asking to “prove you are human” by answering questions.

If you have been denied access or have received similar messages, please reply or contact us so we can work to make sure our system knows you are not a threat 🙂

Thanks for your understanding and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.