HD Form Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a sample of the HD Forms?

Yes, it can be found here

Why do some horses not have ratings?

Some horses do not have ratings because each column has search criteria based on time limits. The SPEED, PRESS, STALK and CLOSE columns max out at 90 days. The WORKS column does not look past 60 days and the work must have 18 or more to compare with that day at the same distance. The RIDER, @DIST, and TURF columns do a 365 day search while the TRACK and SHOW% column do a 90 day search. Distances of less than 5 furlongs and more than 9 furlongs do not have ratings. In sprint races, all route ratings are not shown. In dirt races, all Turf ratings are not shown except in the TURF column. The reasoning for all this is because research has proved beyond a doubt that current form is a huge factor in horse racing, this is why longshots win everyday. If every horse were to run to their very best every race, the favorite would likely win every race.


What are the 2 letters following the ratings in the @DIST column?
The letters in the @DIST column represent the running style of that rating, sp=speed, pr=press, st=stalk, & cl=close.
Are the 3 boxes in the Racing Guide selections?
The top box is the best projected stalker in the race based on highest rating in the STALK column, The middle box is the best projected speed in the race based on highest rating in the SPEED & PRESS column, & the bottom box is the best projected closer in the race based on highest rating in the CLOSE column. You may look in the @DIST column and come up with your own speed, pace, and stalk projection based on a 365 day search.
Why does a horse sometimes show up in 2 or more boxes?
This happens when a horse has top ratings in more than one column.
Why do some ratings have a bold font and some do not?
Those BOLD font ratings indicate efforts where the horse was either drawing away from the field in a win or gaining ground down the stretch towards the winner.
Why do some horses have ratings in the WORKS column but others don’t, yet I clearly see works in the racing form?
Our ratings in the WORKS column highlight workouts achieved when 18 horses or more workout at the same distance on any given day within the last 60 days.
What are the $ signs located to the left of some horses numbers?
The $ symbols represent a horse which was claimed within the last 60 days and has yet to win for the new trainer.
How do I know if a horse has never raced before?
Horses which are “first time starters” have a colon sign locted right of its saddlecloth number.
Why do some horses who have clearly raced not have any ratings?
Horses with no ratings didn’t meet the reports search criteria. Each column has a search based on a specific factor and a limited amount of days in which to search.
How can I tell if the ratings were on dirt or turf?
In dirt races, the report will only print dirt ratings except in the TURF column. In turf races all ratings on dirt & turf will appear, you will need to focus in the TURF column if you wish to bet experienced turf runners.
How can I tell if the ratings were in a sprint or route?
In sprint races, the report will only print races less than 8 furlongs. In route races all ratings from sprints and routes are combined, you will need to focus in the @DIST column if you wish to bet horses experinced at the distance.
What is the SHOW% column all about?
The SHOW% column highlights horses that can stay off the pace and make a late move down the stretch, search criteria for this column is within 90 days, and the rating must be achieved with the jockey, or at the distance, or at the track.
What is the PURSE column for?
The PURSE column lets you know the purse value of each horses best race within the last 90 days. It takes class to another level because most “class players” think that a horse racing for Claiming $10,000 races are equivelent to all horses racing for Claiming $10,000, the reality is some Claiming $10,000 races have much bigger purses and attract much better company therefore making these higher purse races much more competitive.
How do I know if the horse has run on todays turf course?
In turf races, the report switches the TRACK column to todays turf course.
Why does a horse have only a purse rating and no other?
Likely the race is a sprint race, and because of the report search criteria route races were removed from viewing. So a purse rating lets you know the horse has had a race within the last 90 days and it was likely a route.

12 thoughts on “HD Form FAQ

  1. steveridgway says:

    Just printed out and read the FAQ page and am beginning to understand the report
    a little better. I’m really in the experimental phase and am charting results
    before I really try to apply HD to my wagers. Thank you

  2. billiardbob says:

    i dont understand where there are three boxes for picks

    • HorseDoppler says:


      On the Racing Guide within the HD Form, the top 3 boxes show best stalk, speed and close, within a 90 day range. We don’t really have “picks”, but if you are looking for the best contenders in a race, look at our Dual Report, which will highlight (in black) the best 4 contenders in a race.

  3. Ponyman1 says:

    HD-I am trying to purchase credits and your site keeps putting me to a screen that Ive never seen before and locks me out at that point. It happens over and over. My first thought-if HD wont take my money we both lose. What is happening – is it pilot error on my part? Am I going to have to resort to handicapping on my own? YIKES! Please advise.

  4. captcondo1 says:

    what the heck!!!! downloaded 2 forms that said 4/18 and received 2 forms that are 4/19 whats up with that????

    • HorseDoppler says:

      Issue corrected. The correct forms have been sent to your email. We have applied courtesy credits to your account for the inconvenience.

  5. captcondo1 says:

    thank you

  6. captcondo1 says:

    why did I get charged for a 9/23 form? I wanted a 9/27 form

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