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37 thoughts on “Loyalty

  1. HorseDoppler says:

    Nice to see you around as well, Laura! Let us know if you have any questions!

  2. Tracker says:

    Hello Horse Players, just wanted pass on my experience using the reports. Been playing the horses 40 years and up until the computer came along I was a racing form and pen handicapper.
    These reports offer a different criteria and ability to pull out some real contenders in (a) race. Some of the largest wins I have hit has been using Horse Doppler reports.
    They offer many tracks across the country , day and night and that’s great .
    We all have our ups and downs playing the horses but these reports after you get use to using them can help.
    Good Luck and have a great day racing.

  3. Ponyman1 says:

    On Wednesday 4/9 at 10:30 PM I logged in to see if Thursdays sheets were posted (you say they are posted at 10:00 the nite before race day). To check if the total access (green) was posted, I clicked on it just to see the date (I do not see or understand any other way to check the date- you don’t show it). So I clicked on “unlock this post” just to check the date. The posted sheets were still on Wednesday 4/9, not Thursday 4/10. So, without downloading 4/9 info, which I did not want, I immediately got out of the system. Unfortunately, Horsedoppler charged me 14 credits for 4/9 just because I checked in for the date and never downloading info . Not good horsedoppler. 1) you never have the days info ready the nite before by 10:00 as you say and 2) you charge a full charge for me to just check the date, never even downloading.

    • HorseDoppler says:

      Hi Ponyman,

      The date of the Forms is posted right above where it says “unlock this post”. If you don’t see the next days date (i.e. Today’s date still shows) then the information for the next days racing is not yet posted. We will refund your credits.

      90% of the time we have the next days forms posted by 10 PM pacific time, so to say that we “never have the days info ready the nite before by 10:00” simply is not factual. Please let us know if you need further clarification.

  4. says:

    While it’s good for Horse Racing to finally have a Triple Crown…..seemed to me like it was a pretty weak field in the Belmont…..It wasn’t Affirmed with Alydar breathing down his neck every step of the way in all three Crown races….. Ah, the good old days……

  5. fairplay says:

    8th at Woodbine yesterday 3 horse box,ex 265 dollars 20cent tri. 990 dollars, cost 9 dollars and 20 cents to hit.

  6. Ron says:

    when using hd form in chart always included 4th selection’s many longshots come this way in your betting….

  7. RV says:

    Ok….so I’v been tracking this trend for a while now, although not really keeping records……More and more frequently in races where there is one runner, or more, where the charts have no info at all or maybe just a workout figure and nothing more…not even what kind of purses he’s run for…..So I,(we) diligently do all our studying, comparing, noting, projecting, eliminating….and so on and so on……And it seems a lot more often lately, that, that one horse in the race that you had no figures on….nothing, again maybe one workout number, which by the way also more often then not it’s a really low number…presumably indicating it wasn’t a good workout……WINS the Race……so all that work and all that money beaten by a runner that you’d have absolutely no chance of projecting to run well or eliminate as a threat…….I’m not quite sure why these runners have no figures….I understand maidens will not have much history, so I tend to stay away from “baby” races….also understand horses that haven’t run in a long period of time, might not have info…and maybe some foreign runners… the very least if you show what kind of purses these “no figure” horses ran for, at least we know if their in their level and can make a slightly better decision…..sample race:..(.If your still interested)……Churchill Downs….1st Race….10/2/16…..#1…Nothing other then a “57” workout……WINNER 1!…..4th Race….#5…nothing,not even workout….BOOM $30.00 WINNER…..5th Race a maiden, but still only a workout…..WINNER…..7th Race…..#1…..workout,purse……WINNER……plus two other maidens 8th & 10th….maidens but most runners in these races had long track records but not the winners….and that’s just ONE DAY at ONE TRACK……it’s getting to the point, for me, where if a race has even one of these “phantom” horses, i’ll just skip the race……anyways, thanks for listing and any advice would surly be welcomed…..(sorry it’s so long !)……

    • Ed says:

      Hi RV, I’ve been playing the horses for about 3 decades and have seen these phantom horses win, if its not a first-time starter it is usually a horse well hidden by trainer maneuvers. For example, a trainer may run its horse on turf to condition the horse and then place the horse on dirt when its ready to win. Our reports remove turf efforts from the columns when the race is run on dirt except for the turf column. Other trainers will hide their sprinters in route races to condition them for the day the horse will be sent to win in a sprint race. Our reports remove races of 8 furlongs or more from the columns if the race is scheduled for a sprint or less than 8 furlongs. This may explain why some winners have little to no info on our reports but it is designed to catch more winners by comparing dirt efforts with dirt efforts and sprint efforts with sprint efforts. Most turf horses don’t do as well on dirt and most routers have trouble keeping up with the pace in sprints, with that said some will go on to win if the conditions favor late running styles like races laced with speed up front. As for workouts, a good works ratings is a sign of life for everyone to see and may be an indicator of good form while a less than stellar works rating may be a tightener for a horse that is ready to win. The most important thing to note is that the horse had a race or a workout within the last 15 days. Conveniently, our reports only show workouts within 15 days that can be compared to at least ten or more horses on that day, at the same distance, at the same track. Our speed press stalk and close columns only show races within 30 days so this should help spot horses with current efforts in search of a winning spot. Keep in mind also, that phantom horses can also be horses shipping in from other countries where past performance fractions are not collected for our data. Also Higher price Allowance races are often won by lay-off stakes horses that are being conditioned against allowance company without the risk of being claimed. Your on the right track avoiding baby races, you might want to shy away from non winners of 2 also, they seem to toss sense out the window a lot. Since you are diligent at tracking races, you might want to make an on going list of races won by “phantom” horses, noting the trainer, the jockey, the distance, the purse, the track, the morning line, the horses age, etc…. You might be surprised with what you uncover…. Thanks for your feedback, its always welcome.

  8. Ponyman1 says:

    no charts on memorial weekend- i’ve been using horsedoppler for many years now-never thought you guys ever took time off. guess i was wrong.have a good holiday hd.

    • HorseDoppler says:

      Hi Ponyman,

      We don’t take time off but from time-to-time life throws a kink; this time a emergency medical situation occurred and we were not able to produce reports as a result. Sorry for the inconvenience, we had that info posted on our front page.

  9. Ponyman1 says:

    6/9/17 logged in and paid 14 credits for full access and only got speed form. no sign of form or current anywhere. please correct my account HD. thanks.

  10. pascopro says:

    Can you check my balance? It showed $14 before I downloaded single purchase or 10 credits and now it shows $4.00.



  11. Ron says:

    purchased hd form for dec 15th you had 14th listed please credit back 10 credits, thank ron iannaccone 11:54 am 12/15,thank you

  12. gary says:

    Hello I usually log in with my face book account but for some reason its not working so I logged in using google account and all of my credits are gone somewhere I had just purchased them and downloaded 1 form so there should still be over 90 available please advise where I can locate my credits

  13. bayoued says:

    paid for form and I am onlyseeing yesterdays forms – hapeened one day last week too

    • HorseDoppler says:

      We will refund you credits no problem. Please check dates before attempting purchase to prevent similar occurrence.

  14. captcondo1 says:

    well looks like there is no correction on my credit balance for a form that was a previous date than the one that I thought I was getting So looks like I will look elsewhere for my tip sheets I will not purchase anymore credits

    • HorseDoppler says:

      Hi! Comments are only reviewed periodically, so we hadn’t had the chance to action anything yet. We will credit you, but please ensure you check date of the post at the top before you purchase or spend credits, this should prevent a similar occurrence in the future. Thank you!

  15. Ponyman1 says:

    hd-5/18/18 6:00 am texas time i downloaded full access and got 5/17/18 (yesterdays) instead. please refund my 14 credits. many thanks

  16. HorseDoppler says:

    We have updated our records and credited you back.

  17. Ponyman1 says:

    happened again-logged in today. full access is dated today. downloaded all 3 forms and they were yesterdays forms. please correct my account. is there some way that i can check to see the the date on the actual forms themselves is correct before i key into my account and purchase? finding out after i purchase is a bit too late. thanks hd.

  18. Ponyman1 says:

    well hd- i have tried three times over several hours to download and you keep giving me yesterdays races. i am slow but even i figure it out after awhile-no hd today. credit my account and we’ll try again another day. thanks anyway hd.

  19. bayoued says:

    happened again paid for today’s form and all I can get is yesterday’s

  20. Ponyman1 says:

    great hd- credited my account and fixed the problem in time for weekend races. many thanks.
    now i take your sheets and turn it into $$$$$. again.

  21. Ponyman1 says:

    i spoke too soon. i downloaded your current form twice today and yes the date is correct but the form is blank. looks like hd has hit a rough patch lately-hope you work your way thru it. please correct my account like you did for the last few weird hd days. and good luck with getting back on the right path. looks i go today and stay away from maidens since no current download.
    thanks hd

    • HorseDoppler says:

      Hi there,

      We don’t see an issue with a blank form. You may want to try to open it outside of your web browser. Or clear your cookies/cache/web history, and try again.

  22. bayoued says:

    I sent a payment via pay pal and you site has not updated my balance

  23. bayoued says:

    please post to may account

    Sep 8, 2018 10:44:03 PDT
    Transaction ID: 05U951419F032062B

    Hello Gene Inman,

    You sent a payment of $25.00 USD to Horsedoppler LLC CO

    It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account

  24. fairplay says:

    Big day of racing @ aqueduct today and your download has no data.

  25. bayoued says:

    just charged me to download a 12/2 form – I assumed you would have current day up – didn’t look – guess it is my fault – this happens way too often- been a customer for many years and I am getting tired of it – I have a few more credits I will use if the forms are ever available on the day I am playing instead of live link to pay for older cards

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