Purchasing and downloading HorseDoppler Forms is a breeze. We offer 2 different options to cater to your needs.

The easiest and most cost effective way is to buy downloads in advance by purchasing credits. With this method you are able to buy credits in bulk. Upon successful payment the credits are immediately applied to your account… Then whenever you’re ready you will be able to use those credits to download our forms on demand, without having to make a payment each and every time you visit HorseDoppler. Once you are out of credits, you will be prompted to purchase more. Credit pricing can be found here. See our Downloads page if you wish to download our forms using credits.

The second option we offer is to buy a single day download. Without much fuss, it is as simple as visiting our single day purchase page, clicking a button to proceed to Checkout, then simply completing payment via our secure payment partner, Paypal, Inc.

Whichever method you decide works best for you, we are proud to offer several different versions of the HD Form to suit your playing style, track selection, and other important variables. See our HD Forms page to find out more.

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2 thoughts on “Purchase

  1. budsett says:

    No debit or credit card option? Not sure about pay pal!

    • HorseDoppler says:

      You may pay directly with a Credit Card or Debit card via PayPal. You are not required to create a Paypal account–they can directly take any card without your having to sign up for a Paypal account.

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