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HorseDoppler Website Related Frequently Asked Questions

Does HorseDoppler offer a subscription-based or recurring service?

No. We want to be as fair as possible with our customers. You pay for what you download, not a monthly fee.  You buy 60 credits, that means you get 60 downloads.

Do I have to register to buy Today’s HD Form?

No. You may buy a single day download with no registration required. (After paypal payment click Return to Horsedoppler LLC button to initiate the Download).  We do suggest registering because this will allow you to purchase download credits and this will save you money rather than paying the single day purchase price.

If you decide to not register and you purchase a Single Day Download, be advised the you MUST click the “Return to HorseDoppler LLC. button on the Paypal page, this is the only way you will get the download you paid for.

If for some reason you clicked out of Paypal after your successful payment and did not click the “Return to HorseDoppler LLC” button, please try your purchase again and we will refund you as soon as our administrative staff sees the duplicate payment.

Does HorseDoppler offer a lifetime download plan?

No. Not at this time.

Do Credits Expire?


Do I have to sign up for a PayPal account to purchase from HorseDoppler?

No. All payments do go through PayPal, but you are not required to sign up with PayPal. On the payment page you can fill in your information without generating a paypal account. Paypal accounts are free for you, the buyer, so it would be smart to sign up so you don’t have to re-enter all your information when you purchase from HorseDoppler or any other business that works with PayPal.

Is my payment information secure?

Absolutely. HorseDoppler does not take or store any payment information. Upon purchasing our product, we route you to PayPal who runs a completely secure payment service. After your purchase you will click “Return to HORSEDOPPLER, LLC CO.” and be able to download our product.

Does PayPal notify HorseDoppler of what I’ve paid for?

Yes. Our backend database immediately sees what you paid for and it will credit your account and allow you to download right away.

How much does the Horse Doppler service/HD Form cost?

See Download Credits Page.

Does HorseDoppler accept checks/money orders?

We will entertain the idea. It depends on how much of a demand there is for it. Please Contact Us if you require this form of payment.

What time do the next days reports become available on the website?

Our goal is 9pm Pacfic Time, but earlier is a bonus and later is usually a technical delay.

How long has HorseDoppler been around?

We maintain an evolving database that has been kept and improved for over 20 years. HorseDoppler website has been in existance since June 2006. See our About Us page for further information.

7 thoughts on “Website FAQ

  1. HorseDoppler says:

    It is usually available at 10 PM PST the night before. All tracks are included on the same PDF file.

  2. HorseDoppler says:


    Saratoga has not been missing. Please double check your forms. For example on the HD Form for 8/10, Saratoga is on page 12 of 23. We have not found that it is missing on any of the dates you have reported.

  3. prado says:

    I can’t find the form for 8/10. Is it available yet? Headed out to Saratoga and use your form regularly when I play.

  4. mustangman03 says:

    Didn’t get full a full day card on Belmont park . Woodbine card is missing today. These are my favorite tracks. Can I get a refund on my credits today?

  5. mustangman03 says:

    I downloaded today’s card for Aqueduct. Why is it blank. I think I deserve a refund of my credit. Come on now!!!

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